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Professional Home Staging Services for Homeowners

Professionally staging your home for sale is one of the most important investments you can make when selling your home. It has been proven that a professionally staged home sells 73% faster and for more money than an unstaged home. Gem Staging & Design will maximize your home’s potential by implementing a targeted design plan to appeal to the specific buyer demographic for your home. Buyers will walk in, feel at home and say, “We need this house!”

We offer free initial consultations and have custom staging packages, from Full Service to DIY guidance or consultation, to accommodate every budget and need.

Our most popular home staging services consists of:

  • A detailed Assessment of the Buyer Demographic to determine the most likely buyer for your home
  • A Home Preparation Plan to neutralize, update and freshen the look of your home
  • A Staging Design Plan to develop a cohesive and attractive design flow throughout the home
  • Mental move-in cues to encourage the buyer to emotionally connect with the home and envision themselves living there
  • A Staging Day where we bring in inventory items and arrange them for maximum visual appeal
  • A three month Inventory Usage Term so your home maintains the staged look throughout the selling process
  • MLS photos to drive maximum buyer traffic to your home

When you’re ready to sell your house make sure you contact us. We’ll come in and make selling your house easier and stress free for you and your family.

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