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About Gem Staging & Design of Utica NY

Becoming home staging professionals was an obvious choice for us. It all started because we wanted to save our friends and family from getting over stressed while they were selling their houses.

You know that life kind of takes over, and sometimes makes it hard to do the things you envision alone. Your family is growing, jobs are changing and you may not be able to do everything. We watched this happen to our friends and family members.

We love to help people sell their homes without getting stressed out.

A few of our first staging jobs were to help friends. They had to move, uproot their families and all their belongings to another state due to a job change. Within a blink of an eye they were gone and left an empty house here in Utica NY. It was on the market to be sold but un staged and not ready. They asked us to help, and we did. We did some minor repairs and gave the home a little facelift then staged the home with our furniture as well as some of theirs that was left.  Their house sold, and it sold for the price that they were asking. It was amazing how happy they were and we knew that our design skills could help many more people who were trying to sell their homes.

Since then a lot has happened, we have staged more homes. Learning more and more about design and decor based on the different demographics for each neighborhood. We also like to stay in tune with the latest trends in design and  home staging to fit everybody’s expectations.

Our goal is always the same. We want to help make selling your home or property stress free, and help sell your home quickly without reducing the price you are asking.

Call us today and let us help you like we have helped so many others.